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    Furry feet coverings were never my main concern in life, and they are probably not yours either, but a sequence of unplanned events set me off on a slipper journey that has taken me from just dreaming about slippers, to creating a business crafting them. What started with slippers grew into multiple categories of products that are united by the idea of home, coziness, and warmth.

    It all started when a group of us embarked on a spontaneous trip to the Banff National Park in Canada. This awe-inspiring landscape took our breath away with its emerald lakes, majestic icy snow-capped peaks and glistening glaciers. Nestling amongst the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, the little touristy town of Banff captured our hearts with its homey log cabins, warm glowing fires, traditional food, and friendly people.

    While we were sight-seeing, adventure seeking and snow skiing in this icy paradise, my mind kept drifting back to how wonderful it would be to come home and slip my feet into a warm, furry, soft and cozy pair of slippers! The idea took hold, grew and became a living thing. On my return, I started designing the product. The slippers would have to be top quality, fashionable, affordable, and a perfect representation of all that the Banff trip meant to me.

    Upon the success of the slippers, I started working on the other categories and expanded the idea into so many other products that I hope you will enjoy!